90 PROOF 


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  Trio Ranch is proud to be 100% American made!  Our local California manufacturer also appreciates our concern for the preservation of our   environment by zinc plating in place of galvanization.  This treatment provides a polished look while still providing the heavy-duty outdoor weather resistance necessary to meet the rugged demands of your livestock's safety and security.

   Our product is called "90 Proof" because these connectors allow you to make your paddocks, stalls and turnouts any size you want and still have perfect 90 degree angles.   Not only does this make for a more attractive ranch, but also allows for a sturdier construction using the natural balance of symmetry. 

   Please browse through our gallery which provides images of the 90 Proof Pole, 90 Proof Rail and the 90 Proof T-Clamp.  We will show you that our product isn't just for connecting a fence!!  It's like welding in a bag.  All you need is your own creativity!


90 Proof Pole secures a horizontal to vertical connection


90 Proof Rail secures a horizontal to horizontal connection.


90 Proof T-Clamp repairs any broken weld or can be used instead of welding when building a shelter.